June 24, 2014

Miss 3rd Ward

Here I am standing in what used to be my childhood. My elementary school in the heart of 3rd ward was demolished and all that is left is a shotty gravel driveway and grassy land. 

It was just 15 years ago, when I roamed the halls quoting the Clueless TV show on UPN and wondering why we could never see the "mystery pool" that lie in the attic above the stage in the cafeteria. Not saying I miss rectangle pizza and chicken fried steak day, but I kind of do. I remember when someone stole my nano pet and the kid who everyday would steal fruit roll up out of my lunch kit in the 2nd grade. You suck, dude. I also remember the awesome pizza parties and nacho's my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Chevalier would make. No one has topped that woman's nachos! NO ONE! 

I also remember always getting in trouble and being put in the corner because I talked too much. How  is that a crime, ya'll? There was this one time my class was playing charades and the song I wanted them to guess was Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" and no one got it cause...well, no one else in the entire school listened to soft rock. But we all loved, Selena! There was also one time my 5th grade teach, Mrs. Cannon put out my classmate for farting. It was the scariest, most hilarious thing ever. 

Anyway, I'm recanting all this to say: Good bye, Lockhart. I loved you. 

I think the Spice Girls put it best. "Viva Forever."

June 21, 2014

Free Press Summer Fest 2014

Yes, 50% of the Ying Yang Twins is standing right behind me.

Wu Tang Clan performs and all I can think about is Ghostface Killah's lackluster appearance on Couple's Therapy.

Die Antwoord dancing like crazy next to us during the Wu Tang set.

Ying Yang in this thang.

It rained. It poured. I got sick in the middle of my good pals' set and ruined my favorite pair of leopard platform vans due to mud. Some random security guard thought it was appropriate to tell me how much he wanted to kiss me when all I wanted to do was watch Wildcat! Wildcat! perform. (Unfortunately, their set got rained out.) Music festival season brings out the best in all of us.

On the bright side, I got to see CHVRCHES who was amazing minus the one dude's crazy seagull-like dancing. Literally dude was flopping around the stage like a baby bird trying to take flight for the first time. I know we can't all be blessed with melanin and rhythm but damn. They were still good live though. Also, glad the music scene in Houston is doing something...crowd was still overwhelmingly full of bros but we all  have to make it through Warped Tour crawl before we walk.

What have I been doing? My best friend, Coco got married. I was maid of honor in the wedding and I got the worst Dominican Blowout of my life for $80. I washed it out within a week. Straight hair really does not feel like me anymore. I did look like a scene kid for about 4 days, though. Also, I might be allergic to weddings?
May 17, 2014

Floral Mistress

Been obsessed with the whole "looks for summer 2k14" theme in real life. Thanks tumblr. There's no way I'm excluding black from my wardrobe so I'm just going to have to work around that and add bold lips, nails and maybe a floral pattern or two to the process. I've been living this monochromatic life for a while and I don't forsee myself exploring anymore of the pantone spectrum than necessary.
Ya'll have no idea how easy it is for me to wash clothes...so damn easy.

Yes, I'm kind of pseudo-blonde right now because I let the hair color completely fade. I kind of like it, low-key. I'm in a wedding so I don't think I should dye it back blue just yet. Might just keep it like this for a while.

Anyway, I'm going to have to use my friggin' DSLR in these posts and stop being lazy with the webcam.

Currently listening to Glass Animals...

April 22, 2014

Lavender is the Warmest Color

Yes, these are webcam photos. I was waiting to reunite with my BFF, Marz after 5 years. Sooo I didn't readily pull out the DSLR. Next time doe. Ignore my dusty lavender hair. I'm still trying to let the color fade before putting more color on top of it. If anyone knows a dye that's similar to Special Effects "Electric Blue" but lasts a lot longer, please comment below.

Despite all this hair dye, my hair appears to be growing. Go figure. Also spent a weekend watching both volumes of Nymphomaniac....lots of moving parts in that movie...loads.

Listening to Avid Dancer, cause they remind me of the Turtles and it has this ethereal 60s psych garage-rock feel so yeah.

March 31, 2014

Aries Season

Yay for it being my birthday. I didn't do too much of anything outside of pay traffic tickets, hang out with friends..oh and Disneyland. It was my second trip to the land of Disney and I even went to California adventure this time! Only thing is I don't do roller coasters in any form or fashion. I rode Tower of Terror once as a kid, I don't need to experience that ever again in life.

I did get on what I thought was a harmless swing ride called, "Silly Symphony," in Paradise Pier and I was oh so wrong. There wasn't shit silly about that damn ride. I wanted to throw up and all I could do was close my eyes and hope my lap bar didn't fall apart in mid-air. However, I thought it was awesome that I got a birthday button and everyone was obligated to acknowledge me as an aging human being and not my hair for once.
That was cool.

Currently listening to Anco representation, Avey Tare's new project, Slasher Flicks