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The Glow Up

matching rust jersey set from Missguided
I feel like a Sweet Potato Pie. A Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato pie, that's fresh out the oven. I'm claiming this as my glow up. It's definitely that glow up you get after eating 2 whole sweet potato pies 2 weeks before thanksgiving. 

Or the glow up you get after your friends tell you all your dating choices and lamp choices have been trash and you need to do better. (Apparently no one liked my neon green bunny lamp!)

Anyway it's obvious, I've been listening to nothing but Pond and Bobby Womack albums at this point but here's something I think you should be listening to:

Fall Carnival

Really going for that early 80s Little Darlings look at the LA County Fair. Still really bummed about losing that memory card. I had so many fun photos from the fair on there!

If you want to see how incredibly scared I was on the Disko ride or maybe the dance break that happened because the brass band there played Sly and the Family Stone, head over to my Facebook page. Make sure you give it a like while you're there.

A Hype Williams Halloween

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! La La Laaaaaaa!

I really wanted to pay homage to my favorite Hype Williams video ever. Busta Rhymes feat. Janet Jackson "What's It Gonna Be" There's a lot going on here and I'm peeved my original catsuit didn't come in on time but things worked out for the best! Hope ya'll had a real trill Halloween!

Lost in the World

My SD card has been missing since last Tuesday. So that's why the blog has been bone-dry again. I didn't fall off again.

This is literally probably the only photo that I uploaded onto my computer before I lost it. Wherever, you are SD card, I hope you've found happiness.

...or you can just appear in my possession again. That would be cool too.


Me and my emergency contact headed out to Palm Springs in the last weekend of August for a much needed get-away. I know in the last post, I was talking about going to Brazil, but if you'd had the summer I had, you'd want to get out of town as much as possible too.

I was long overdue to take a trip to Salvation Mountain. It was ironically hot as hell there. For the duration of our trip, it was probably around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, I was always sweating out my sunscreen. We visited some wildlife preserves and I was constantly fearing that a snake would pop up. I don't need that kind of stress.

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I've been forgetting to leave ya'll with music. Listening to Aquilo right now.

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