November 3, 2014

Bring It On Halloween!

rinny bring it on clovers costume


rinny bring it on clovers costume 8

rinny bring it on clovers costume 3

rinny bring it on clovers costume 6

rinny bring it on clovers costume 5

rinny bring it on clovers costume 7

By now, you should've figured out that Halloween is something I take pretty seriously. I've actually been planning this costume for a little over a year but couldn't get it made in time. (Yes, that means the Goodburger costume was 2nd choice to this.)

Bring It On! was such an important movie for me growing up. Since I did cheerleading for a good chunk of my grade school career, it was quoted like bible verses amongst everyone on every single  squad I've ever been on.

So I had a East Compton Clovers cheer uniform custom-made for the occasion. I originally was trying to buy the official wardrobe from the film but had a hard time tracking it down.

I really loved Natina Reed's (RIP) character "Jenelope" even though everyone kept calling me "Isis"/Gabrielle Union.

"You've been touched by an angel, girl!"

Just wanted to rep for the cool black girls that do cool things that often go overlooked. The Toros stealing the East Compton Clovers cheer routines is a prime example of cultural appropriation at its finest.

"Tried to steal our bit, but you look like shit when we're the ones who were down with it!"

Go Clovers! Go Clovers! Go Go Go Clovers!

Sidenote: I have no clue how I can top this for next year but we'll see.

Dance break cause the soundtrack was essentially the shit!:

August 6, 2014

Black Beauty

I could've totally taken these with my DSLR but...y'know. Life. Please get to know my horsey tee. It's the love of my life. It keeps me warm at night. It was only $1. It is essentially...bae.

Also, I need these Jeffrey Campbell syndicate boots in my life so I can continually clunk around town.

Just going to stalk teh intanetz until I find a pair in my size that isn't $200. Anyway, why is the month of August filled with so many shows. Black Kids reunited and they're playing L.A. This is huge. That was THE definitive band of my college career. Of course I listened to other stuff, mainly a lot of Abandoned Pools and MGMT because I was that girl. Le Sigh, Partie Traumatic was so ahead of its time. 

August 1, 2014

Trip to SF Part 2

 Still got that cheerleader form, ya'll.

Okay, now I'm just rushing to get these photos up before I forget about them. The only thing that really bugged me about SF was the weather. I was kind of foolish to think that it would equate to that of Los Angeles. It was overcast and cold about 95% of the's July. For a Texas girl, this makes no sense to me. I digress. Went to the Amoeba on Haight and got the Lemonade Diver album for $1 so I was pretty geeked about that despite the fact that I could find absolutely NO Gregg Araki films in that store! And it was much smaller than my precious Hollywood location.

Also got to see the Full and randomly confused the theme song with that of Family Matters because they're basically the same indistinguishable song by some raspy voiced fellow in the early 90s. Theme songs were super weird back then. Don't even get me started on Frasier's "tossed salad and scrambled eggs." What was that even about?

We hit up Lands End and some lookout point near the Castro that I was too scared to drive up to because...fuck heights.

Food places we hit up were Super Duper, Parkway Drive-in (Oakland), Tony's Pizza (best pizza I've had all year) and Roam Burger...I might be missing something but it was a long weekend. Bai.

July 31, 2014

Trip to SF Part 1

The murals of Clarion Alley

The tamest photo I could show from the Armory tour without risk of my site getting blocked.

Picnic in Dolores Park on Sunday.

So I finally visited banana pepper in San Francisco this past weekend. This was my first time in the Bay area and it was definitely an experience to be had. The first night, there was a crazy fight in the BART subway that escalated out of nowhere and a random guy pulled out his do-dad and pee-d all over the sidewalk in daylight. Needless to say, I rented a car for the rest of the trip. 

Aside from that there were some cool bits. We took this boat tour that took us near the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz island. I grossly underestimated my comfort with water and boats. I almost threw up just watching the waves caress the boat back and forth. Additionally, I didn't sign up for the wet zone. Shout out to the captain for telling us the front was the "best seat in the house." The whole experience made my anxiety go through the roof. I can't swim. My phone can't swim. I wasn't feeling it. But it was a pretty sunset doe.

We ventured through the Mission, hit up the bars there and Clarion Alley which is full of murals that inspired me to listen to Led Zeppelin. After we hit up my favorite part of the trip, the Armory. Which is...well awesome. They shoot all the stuff there. Twas pretty cool but...I can't really share all my photos here. :/ Parental Advisory.

Sunday, we had a picnic in Dolores Park which was crazy crowded for there not to be an event. Apparently park culture is pretty huge in SF. As well as hippie culture. Did I mention there were a lot of hippies? There were a lot of hippies. 

Part 2 coming up next.

June 24, 2014

Miss 3rd Ward

Here I am standing in what used to be my childhood. My elementary school in the heart of 3rd ward was demolished and all that is left is a shotty gravel driveway and grassy land. 

It was just 15 years ago, when I roamed the halls quoting the Clueless TV show on UPN and wondering why we could never see the "mystery pool" that lie in the attic above the stage in the cafeteria. Not saying I miss rectangle pizza and chicken fried steak day, but I kind of do. I remember when someone stole my nano pet and the kid who everyday would steal fruit roll up out of my lunch kit in the 2nd grade. You suck, dude. I also remember the awesome pizza parties and nacho's my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Chevalier would make. No one has topped that woman's nachos! NO ONE! 

I also remember always getting in trouble and being put in the corner because I talked too much. How  is that a crime, ya'll? There was this one time my class was playing charades and the song I wanted them to guess was Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" and no one got it cause...well, no one else in the entire school listened to soft rock. But we all loved, Selena! There was also one time my 5th grade teach, Mrs. Cannon put out my classmate for farting. It was the scariest, most hilarious thing ever. 

Anyway, I'm recanting all this to say: Good bye, Lockhart. I loved you. 

I think the Spice Girls put it best. "Viva Forever."