April 30, 2011

Twin Shadow

I just so happen to enjoy the music of Twin Shadow a lot. I know I mentioned the band before but it's in my veins. I recommend everyone go get a copy of "Forget." It is well worth the money! I was inspired to attempt a little artsy project for the song, "Tyrant Destroyed." Be warned that the project is a little unfinished. I'm an impatient Aries so I'm like 2 tears in a bucket...(you know the rest.) There will be better projects in the future I promise.
This is actually the first vinyl, I've purchased. I bought it at Coachella because they did an artist signing. I don't even own a record player...so...yeah. Oh well, at least I got an autograph!


black panther said...

loved it. you're so cute!!!

i was wondering, what type of hair to you have?
i'm PURE african and my hair is a 4c type. i'm trying to get my hair big and crazy as yours.
please help??


Rinny Riot said...

4a is my supposed hair type. Maybe I'll do a hair update soon. I haven't been doing anything special to it. It just seems to want to behave for 2011 which I can dig.

Danielle said...

me too i want hair like yours too

Danyell Ramblings

Kirstie. said...

Hey doll your blog is beyond words and I love that your involved with so much and still find time to update. Your hair is beautiful.

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Your hair is gorgeous hun, now I wish I went all natural

Lisa-Bisa said...

very cute. luvvv the socks!