June 6, 2011

Summer Ceremony

Shirt- Forever 21, Petticoat- American Apparel, Shoes- Steve Madden
I'm back! Finals are over! Sorry for the hiatus! I'm ready to dive into summer! (Figuratively not Literally because we all know I can't swim.)

Maybe I'll learn how to swim this summer. I've unsuccessfully attempted to learn every year since I was 12 and you know what: This will be the year I learn how to swim! I will find someone who I can trust with the patience of Zeus...hopefully.

Anywho, I did promise you guys I would bring a mix for you so here goes:

Also I have another magnificent contest for you supeduper readers! Tickets to the THREADshow LA this Sunday, June 12 at The Cooper Design Space! (Must be in L.A. to attend) To enter just leave a comment with the hashtag #LA. Winners will be selected this Thursday! Good Luck!


Jen S. said...

what a cute outfit.....


perfectcircles said...

i love your blog and Im so happy you are back and I love the THREADshow! #LA

Nancie Mwai said...

totally loving the look and you hair is gorgeous!

CurlyChellez said...

Very cute outfit #LA


BreukelensFinest said...

yay to being done with finals! by friday i'll be free too!


Kristina said...

I would love to win tickets to the Threadshow #LA


The Queen of Hearts said...

You have such fantastic hair and skin; I envy you.

Also, do you have more images of the AA petticoat? I really quite like it and would like to see more of it.


Lisa-Bisa said...

very cute pic. luv the shot and the background.


Ms♥Infamous said...

i looove! the skirt, and the picture is beautiful!