December 3, 2011

Holiday Sale

It's that time of year ya'll! The MissRiot Store is having a sale! Tons of new items in the store and Free shipping all weekend long with the promo code: WARMCIDER.

Check it out and be merry! Click the Shop photo or click here to head over to the store.

As always you can contact me via e-mail at


kea said...

the free shipping code is not the sale over?

Rinny Riot said...

The free shipping promo expires at 9PM tonight. If still not working e-mail me

kea said...

thanks so much! i just purchased the sequin skirt :)

Lucy Rance said...

Does the free shipping apply to England too? I am dyyyyingggg for the pink dress, aztec skirt and mesh shirt :( need them so bad!! xx