February 5, 2012


Counter-Clockwise From Left to Right: VPL Insertion Bra, Alexander Wang T-bra, VPL Stripe-B bra, Alexander Wang Signature Black Bra

So I have this thing for not wearing bras. I don't like the uncomfortable under wire. They're often expensive ($50 for "good" ones) and I don't really need my boobs to be pushed up to my nostrils. However, occasionally, you just can't wear a white tee sans bra. So I'm really feeling the look of these edgy comfort intimates...in black only BLACK.

By the way...Guess who's orange nails are in this One Republic video?



black panther said...

the second one was the best :D

Bespoke Biddie said...

Epic selection, lovely nails and. Cheers from one braless wonder to another