May 26, 2012

The B Sides.

I meant to post my hair photos before I did my graduation post. I didn't want to throw you guys completely off. Of course, if you follow me on twitter or saw the video I uploaded there wasn't too much of a surprise there.

Over 2 years of not straightening my hair and this is the result. I had my hair done at Dominican Elegance salon in L.A. by Resha. I wanted a real pin-up look to match my Bettie Page dress and Voila! It's just a blow-out and flat-iron ya'll. No chemicals here. Luckily, I live in L.A. where there is little to no humidity so getting a blow-out is fairly practical unlike Houston where your hairstyle disintegrates in a little under an hour.

I think I'll keep it like this for a while. I feel different; mainly because I don't have to be on the defense when someone attempts to put their hand in my hair.

Song of the day:  The Outcasts- "Loving You Sometimes" (Keeping in line with the vintage theme.)


SammyM said...

I love this look & I especially love your clubmasters . Sooo cute. Where did you get them?

Monroe Steele said...

love this hair look awesome. what lisptick is that?


Fashion Steele NYC

Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls said...

You look fab. I flat ironed my hair last year and damaged a small section in the front. I'm so scared to flat iron again, so I've decided to do a year of no heat. I keep it braided so that shouldn't be too hard!

**OnYxStA** said...

Freakin' LOVE your clubmasters and your HAIR!!!


Rinny Riot said...
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Rinny Riot said...

Thank you guys!

@SammyM you won't believe this but they're from the 99 cents store.
@Monroe Steele it's Revlon "Really Red" Matte