June 18, 2012


Ashish Fall 2012

Blumarine Fall 2012

I usually don't post too much on specific fashion lines but I'm a product of the 90s so naturally these two lines caught my eye. I've known about Ashish for a while but I'm not too familiar with Blumarine. What I do know is their color scheme bathes in my childhood. At one point, my favorite color was, "hologram," thanks to Lisa Frank.

Ying Yang symbols, Smiley Faces and Reflective rainbow hologram-cyber material love rocks my world.

This was my entire world: From Gigapets to Lisa Frank notebooks and Squeezits!


LaNeshe said...

Lisa Frank!!

Rebekah Webster said...
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Rebekah Webster said...

...whaaat that is extremely reminiscent of jeremy scott's fall '12 collection O__O